The Conus concept allows you to provide fully edentulous and failing dentition patients a cost-effective solution with the stability of a friction-retained, non-resilient prosthesis, with the added benefit of the comfort of a fixed restoration.


Conus is a fully digital solution available for all major implant systems, which allows for optimal chewing function without inhibiting taste due to an acrylic free palate. It gives the patient desirable phonetic function and high esthetic results. As with any removable prosthesis, it is easy to clean and maintain.

This implant-born solution helps to eliminate problems often associated with dentures such as pain, poor fit, constant relines, speech problems, and low chewing function.

Due to the many inherent disadvantages of locators, Conus is a far superior solution for patients. Locators have resilient components designed to move and wear, which creates higher maintenance requirements on parts. It is also a tissue born prosthesis, so maintenance on the denture is required regularly, keeping your profits low and patient frustration high. Limitations of the system only allows for correction to the angle with retentive elements, and the more angles needed to be corrected, the more wear on the prosthesis occurs. To further complicate matters, locators do not allow for achieving cross-arch stabilization or true stability and support.