A treatment concept solution scientifically created to meet the financial needs of more patients.


The Trefoil concept was conceived and developed to extend the benefits of osseointegration to a new patient population. The Trefoil concept is not intended to replace any of the current edentulous solutions presently available, but offers a more affordable premium alternative for an entirely new patient population instead.  

This treatment must be a team approach and the Doctor performing the surgery must receive extensive training on the technique.

As a national leader in fixed removable and digital dentistry, Allure Dental Studio was handpicked By Nobel Biocare as an early adapter to this new technique. Only a handful of dental laboratories have been introduced to and trained on this concept.  Our team of technicians are ready to help you on your next case.



  • 3 implants, a standardized mass-produced framework
  • No provisional, no impressions, no restorative components
  • Decreased chair time, reduced laboratory fees
  • Limited technology
  • Same day teeth possible (Extra cost)
  • Simplified restorative and laboratory protocols
  • Expanded number of patient able to afford a fixed solution

Chair time

Surgery 1.5 to 3 hours

Restorative 1 to 2 hours

Laboratory 5+ Hours


Suggested fees - $15,000

Laboratory Fee: Call for a quote

Denture or immediate denture, bite rim, process and finish, laser welding, soft tissue model.

Does not include taxes and shipping.



  • 1 Standardized Framework
  • 3 Compensation Mechanisms to provide passive fit on the 3 Implants
  • Full Acrylic Wrap-Around
  • Cantilever Length: 18.9mm
  • AP Cantilever Distance: 16.9mm
  • Thickness 5.5mm
  • Maximum Height 13.3mm
  • Minimum Height 11.8 mm
From right to Left; Dr McMurray (maxillofacial surgeon), Dr. Kenji W. Higuchi (Trefoil innovator), Dr Marroquin (Restorative Doctor), Mr Frank Charles Pope (Co-founder and Co-owner of Allure Dental Studio)

From right to Left; Dr McMurray (maxillofacial surgeon), Dr. Kenji W. Higuchi (Trefoil innovator), Dr Marroquin (Restorative Doctor), Mr Frank Charles Pope (Co-founder and Co-owner of Allure Dental Studio)


Patient Selection for Edentulous Mandible or Failure Dentition Indications:

Mandibular anatomy accommodation 5mm diameter implants 11.5- 13 mm lengths

Adequate interforaminal space to avoid nerve anatomy

Appropriate skeletal jaw relationship

Restored maxillary arch (denture, natural dentition, implant prosthesis) with appropriate plane of occlusion

Absence of standard dental implant contraindications


Skeletal Criteria

Skeletal Class I ideal

Skeletal Class II can be managed with limits of correction

Skeletal Class III with caution and limitations

Concerns with steep mandibular plane, hypoplastic alveolar width


Pre-Surgical Preparation

If the opposing does not have an acceptable occlusion or occlusal plane, you will have to address restorative needs.  You cannot proceed forward with your Trefoil technique if the maxillary arch has not been dealt with.

Record correct vertical dimensions with a Willis or Boley gauge.

Standard pre-operation surgical preparation.


Surgical Considerations

The surgery can be unforgiving and is not appropriate for all implant providers.

Trefoil is not proposed as a replacement for any current treatment alternatives; all treatment planning should be patient specific.

Case selection and execution is critical. Following the protocol is a must and any mistake made during surgery cannot be corrected during the fabrication of the final restoration.


Vertical Bone Reduction: Trefoil Height Requirement

Total space required bone level to maxillary occlusal plane: 22mm

Bar thickness 5.5 mm

Implant collar 4.5 mm

Tissue height 3mm

Acrylic intaglio 2 mm

Lingual tooth height: 3 mm